Breastfeeding in Style!

I’m very excited to introduce you to Milk & Mummy who have a gorgeous selection of maternity and nursing clothing, but particularly a fab range of dresses suitable for breastfeeding in at those special summer occasions such as weddings and christenings.

The lovely Emma has very kindly sent me her pick of the best nursing dresses, so you can feel comfortable and look beautiful at summer events!

And don’t forget I can help you to get the right nursing bra to wear under your dress!

Here at Milk & Mummy we specialise in selling stylish breastfeeding dresses for weddings. In fact, most of our orders at this time of our year are for mums desperate for find something gorgeous to wear at a friend’s wedding or their own baby’s christening that flatters them AND allows for easy feeding. I know all too well myself how difficult it can be to find something that fits the bill, and it was after an especially frustrating shopping trip on the high street looking for a nursing dress for a wedding over three years ago, that I decided to launch Milk & Mummy.

We like to think that we can solve your breastfeeding outfit dilemma through selling beautiful dresses that just happen to have really simple nursing access. The kind of dress you’d wear even if you weren’t breastfeeding. So here is my pick of our party dresses, depending on your preference:

Pretty in print

We all love a print and this striking one from Mothers En Vogue is sure to turn a few heads.

Kate - chevron print nursing dress

Kate – chevron print nursing dress

Kate - chevron print nursing dress

Kate – chevron print nursing dress

Willow - chevron print nursing dress

Willow – chevron print nursing dress


These are the breastfeeding dresses sure to give you the wow factor. We think they’re so unbelievably glamorous that your non-nursing friends will want to know where they can buy them!

Jessica nursing dress

Jessica nursing dress

Josie emerald nursing dress

Josie emerald nursing dress

Josie blue nursing dress

Josie blue nursing dress

Most versatile

These nursing dresses are perfect for dressing up for weddings or down for more casual occasions, and are a great price. No mum should have to compromise on style just because they are breastfeeding.

Kate nursing dress

Kate nursing dress

Kate pistachio nursing dress

Kate pistachio nursing dress

Katerina nursing dress

Katerina nursing dress



















With free returns on all orders, we make it easy for you to try a few styles before choosing the perfect dress for you. Our Fitting Room page lets you check which size will be right for you. But if you need any further advice on the fit or style, then we’re more than happy to chat about it. Here’s our Contact Details.

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What it is like to get fitted for a bra at 5 different stores

I came across this video last week and thought it demonstrates perfectly how different bra styles and sizes fit and how you can’t just buy a bra ‘off the peg’ in the size you think you are without trying it on first.

The benefit of having a home bra fitting with me is that you can try many different styles and sizes in one go, without having to go to several different shops in the process!

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Specialist Home Bra Fittings

I’ve been a bra fitter for over four and a half years now, offering home bra fittings in and around Cambridgeshire. I specialise in fitting maternity and nursing bras, post surgery bras, soft cup bras, teen bras and sports bras. I stock a wide range of bras from many different suppliers so should be able to find something for everyone!

So why would you need to book me for a fitting?

Well, I come to you, so you can try bras on in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you.

You can try different clothes on with the bras to see how you look: different bras provide different shapes and you may need different sizes in different styles. How easy is it to try different bras in a shop, if the ones you took into the changing room don’t fit? Do you take different tops from home with you to try on when you are trying the bras?  Do you feel self conscious about trying bras on in a shop?

If you are about to have, or have just had a baby, you will not want to be nursing bra shopping in the high street stores. Small changing rooms with a big bump?! Where do you leave the baby? What if the baby needs a feed? Have you recovered from the birth? I find that many mums do not feel they are given much choice in bras in the high street, in a large enough range of styles and sizes, or that the sales assistants have much training or experience in fitting nursing bras.

Have you recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and are due to have a mastectomy?  Have you had a mastectomy but now don’t know how to find a bra that will help your body to heal? Do you want a bra that makes you feel ‘normal’ again? Are you undergoing chemotherapy and feel unable to go out shopping?  With the emotional rollercoaster ride that having a breast cancer diagnosis brings, do you really want to be heading out bra shopping?

Do you have mobility problems?  Are you unable to get out of the house? You might have a friend or relative who is in this situation but desperately wants a new bra to feel better about themselves.

Do you have a teenage daughter or niece who is just starting to develop and needs a bra? Do they feel self conscious and not want to get measured and fitted in a shop?

In all of the above cases, I can help!  I understand how bras fit and make you look and feel and how sometimes it is difficult to find the right size or style for you.  I’ve had three children, so know how your body changes through pregnancy and breastfeeding.  I’ve seen many ladies at different stages of their breast cancer treatment.  I visit those unable to get out of the house or are in a care home.  I’ve fitted teenage girls who feel uncomfortable with moving on to the next stage in their development.

I specialise in all of these different areas because these are times in your life when you may be feeling a bit insecure or vulnerable. I try to make the home fitting as relaxed and as comfortable for you as possible, working around your needs.  I want you to be happy and comfortable in the bras that you buy, knowing that they are right for you, whatever your circumstance happens to be.  So please get in touch if you would like to arrange a fitting for yourself, or someone you know who needs my help.

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4 Simple Rules for Bra Fitting

Do you know what size bra you are?downloaddownload

Do you always buy the same size of bra, whatever shape or style it is?

Do you try a bra on before buying it?

Do you try a bra on in the shop, think it is ok, but then when you put it on at home, it doesn’t seem to fit or doesn’t look right with a different top?

Do you want to know 4 simple rules for bra fitting?

Then read on…..

Number 1: The bra should be quite firm around the body and ideally fitted on the loosest eye.  By putting two fingers under the band and pulling gently away, the band should not be able to be pulled away from the back more than 1cm.  The band should be straight across the back and not riding up.  As your bra is worn and washed, it will start to stretch and lose it’s firmness, so by fitting on the loosest eye, you can tighten it over time to continue giving you the right support.

Number 2: Shoulder straps should be loosened or tightened as necessary.  They should not be too tight to cause marks and indentations on your shoulders, but equally should not be too loose that they keep slipping off your shoulders.  The strap will adjust with wash and wear so regularly ensure that it is the correct position for you.

Number 3: Breasts should be well enclosed within the cups of the bra.  When trying the bra on, scoop your breasts into the cup and ensure the band sits directly against the chest wall.  No breast should be bulging out under the band, under the arm or over the top of the cup.

Number 4: The centre front of the bra should sit reasonably close to the chest wall.  Depending on how close together your breasts are, or the style of the bra, the actual bra may not sit directly against your chest wall but should be as close as possible.  This is easier to achieve with a wired bra than a soft cup bra.

A well fitted bra

A well fitted bra

Following these tips above, should ensure that you get a well fitted bra.

However, you should also remember that every bra will fit differently, depending on its shape and style, so you won’t necessarily be the same size bra in each one you buy.

So when bra shopping, make sure you try the bras on before buying. Put your top back on to see what shape the bra gives you and think about whether this bra will be suitable with the rest of your wardrobe.  Also be aware of how your breasts change shape and size over the course of your menstrual cycle.  One bra may fit at one point in the month, but then you may need a different size for another time in the month.

Happy shopping! :)

For more information or to book a home bra fitting, please contact me.

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Why do I need a sports bra?

This is a conversation I have had over the last few weeks whilst doing bootcamp, especially as I have been asked at what age girls at school doing sporting activities should be wearing a sports bra.

I can’t answer that question with a specific age, as all girls develop differently, at different rates and whilst one girl’s breasts may start to develop at an early age, another may not start to develop until a few years later.

With the statistics of 85% of women wearing the wrong sized bra and the number of ladies I see exercising who clearly are either not wearing a sports bra, or are wearing the wrong sized sports bra, is it any wonder that the teenage girls today are also not wearing the correct underwear?

Your breasts are very precious and need to be looked after as soon as they start to develop.

Breasts are made up of fatty tissue and supported mainly by skin & fragile ligaments called Coopers’ Ligaments. These ligaments are not elastic, so during repetitive or high impact sports your breasts bounce and pull the ligaments causing them to stretch. THIS is what causes your breasts to sag, nothing else!

Running without any bra at all causes the average woman’s breasts to move up and down by 8.5cm. Wearing an ordinary bra reduces this by 32 per cent. A sports bra reduces this by at least another 20 per cent.

The Shock Absorber Bounce-O-Meter shows this really well and you can change the cup size to see just how much your breasts will be moving whilst exercising. (Please note: The tool contains certain computer generated nude images solely for the purposes of properly illustrating the scientific research carried out.)

So even for the smallest of cup sizes, a sports bra is still essential.  Scientists have proven that even women with very small breasts need that extra support that a sports bra gives.

Most sports bras use the same structure as your usual everyday bra, but with firmer fabric, more structure, and generally, more fabric and better overall coverage for your whole breast. These sports bras are band and cup sized as usual, so you can get a sports bra to fit you correctly, in the same way you can get a fashion bra, or soft cup bra.

All brands of sports bras have won awards at different times. So, you need to choose a sports bra according to the sport you do and your bra size. Where do the straps sit on your shoulder? Do the cups support your whole breast tissue?

This is a rough guide:

Pilates/Yoga Cycling Step/Netball Running/Horseriding
A-B Cup Light Medium Medium Medium
C-D Light Medium Medium Firm
DD-E Medium Medium Firm Extra Firm
F+ Firm Extra Firm Extra Firm Extra Firm

As with all bras, the style or brand you select must be comfortable to wear, with no wires or seams pressing on your breast tissue. You also need to remember that during your monthly cycle your breasts will get heavier, and fuller, so make sure your sports bra is suitable for the whole month!

Try different bras, and also try to mimic your exercise. If you run, then jog on the spot, or around the room. If you do pilates or yoga, do one of your exercises. Check that your breasts aren’t moving around much and that you’re comfortable.

And enjoy your exercise – pain free!

Royce Impact Free Petit Sports Bra

Royce Impact Free Petit Sports Bra

Royce Lingerie have a sports bra designed for the smaller cup, which is great for girls in early stages of development, or for ladies up to a D cup.

If you need any help or advice about sports bras, please get in touch with me and I’d be happy to help!

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New Running Shoes!

I’ve got new running shoes!


Not that having new shoes is anything to blog about (I’m really not a ‘shoe’ person!) but the whole experience of buying these shoes reminded me so much of a bra fitting!

I have been running, on and off, for the last five years. I have always had a pair of ‘off the shelf’ trainers and worn them until they are almost falling apart. So this year, as my birthday present, my husband suggested that I get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes.

So on Saturday, I took myself off to the shop to see what I could find.

The main reason for going was for the gait analysis, which is basically a video taken of you running on a treadmill. The sales assistants then analyse how you are running and I was able to try five different styles of trainer, both on the treadmill being filmed so my gait could be checked in each one and out on the road as I mostly run outdoors.

By the end of my fitting, I had run in each pair of trainers a couple of times and had even mixed and matched the shoes so that I could feel the difference in them whilst running. I eventually decided on this pair and they have had their first outing today. I don’t think they made me run any quicker but they were so much more comfortable!

So how does this relate to a bra fitting?

Well, the trainers I was wearing were comfortable and I thought were ok to run in, but as soon as a put on a pair of ‘proper’ running shoes, I could immediately feel the difference, even before I started to run in them. My old trainers were certainly not supportive enough to be running in, were very old and worn and I could have actually injured myself running in them.

I get so many ladies who think the bras they are wearing are ok, maybe a bit old and worn, but still fine to wear. But, as soon as I put them into a new bra, they can’t believe the difference in how it feels. Firm, supportive, giving better shape and so much more comfortable.

I have now been enlightened in my buying of running shoes and even though they were more expensive than what I would normally pay, I have paid for expert advise and a pair of good quality, properly fitted trainers.

I often feel like that when I leave a fitting. Yes, it may cost for my service, instead of going into a shop and yes, the bras I sell may be more than what you are used to paying for a bra, but you have paid for expert advice and have been fitted in a supportive, properly fitted bra.

Oh, and the trainers should only last 400-600 miles or a year, depending on which comes first, because they will lose their support over time.

Bras should only last about 6 months because as they are worn and washed they will also lose their support.

In both cases, it is not about wanting to get another sale, but about making sure you are properly supported, whether in trainers for running or a bra in your everyday life. (There is a whole other blog about needing a proper sports bra to be written, but that is for another day!)

If I continue running, I shall definitely go back for proper shoes again and not buy off the shelf trainers! I just hope that once you have had a proper bra fitting, that you don’t go back to buying off the shelf bras again in the
size you always are, but try different sizes and styles to find the bra that fits and gives you the best support.

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Teen Sports Bras

I am very excited about a new style in my range – a teen sports bra from Royce, just in time for Back to School!

Royce My First Sports Bra

Royce My First Sports Bra

It comes in sizes 30-36 A, B, C, D so perfect for supporting developing breasts during PE and other sporting activities

With a comfortable, stylish racer back design and a high cotton content, My First Sports Bra is an over-the-head crop top style bra with an adjustable two row hook and eye fastening. It has removable integral modesty pads to give a smooth shape under clothes and is ideal for wearing all day at school, if girls don’t want to change their bras in the changing room.

This new style is also suitable for petite ladies of any age and for women who have undergone breast surgery as the integral pockets can be used to securely hold a prosthesis in place.

As a special offer, I am offering 20% off each My First Sports Bra purchased until the end of September.

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Royce Blossom Nursing Bra Review

I wrote this review of the Royce Blossom nursing bra back in March after being sent one to try and review.

I did post it online, but mysteriously it has now disappeared!  I suspect small children have been playing with my computer and deleted it as I can find no trace of it anywhere!  So here is a new review as I have now been wearing the bra for over four months whilst still breastfeeding my youngest son who is now 16 months old.

The Royce Blossom Nursing Bra

The Royce Blossom Nursing Bra

Royce introduced this new style of nursing bra earlier in the year and I have been very impressed with it.

It is very comfy to wear, very supportive and I like that it is simple but pretty at the same time.

It has an innovative feature of a drawstring in the centre of the bra so that you can change it from a crop top style to a lower plunge style for lower cut tops.  I have also found this design useful as I have been losing weight as I have been able to pull the bra into the plunge style which has still given me support as my breasts have become smaller.  In a normal cup sized bra, I would have had to go down a cup size but not in this style, just yet!

Crop top style
Crop top style

Because of the design, the bra covers three different cup sizes (C/D/DD, E/F/FF, G/GG/H) which is great for both pregnancy and those early days of feeding when your breasts can change size quite significantly.  I also like the side support slings which give soft but firm support.

Currently it is only available in the black with white spots, but a new pattern is going to be introduced later in the year!

If you would like to try the Royce Blossom maternity and nursing bra, then please get in touch via the Contact page.

*Disclaimer: I received a Royce Blossom bra for free in exchange for a
review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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Yummy Mummy Review of Week 6!

So here I am, at the end of the Yummy Mummy programme and I can officially say that I lost a huge 14lbs (yes, one whole stone!) over the last six weeks!!

In addition to that, I have lost an inch from my upper arms, an inch from my thighs and 4 inches round my hips.

Plus, six weeks ago, I was not running at all and yesterday I ran my first 5k in two years.

I am so grateful to Nicola for all the help, support and encouragement that she has given me over the last six weeks and I am determined to continue with my new ‘regime’ to achieve the weight loss and fitness levels that I have set for myself.

My next target is to lose another stone before my birthday in six weeks time.

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Yummy Mummy Review of Week 5!

This week, I have lost 1lb.  I am really pleased with this because it is not just all about the scales!

I have run three times during the week, for half an hour each time and have increased my pace and distance each time.  I have also been swimming and swam 60 lengths.

My clothes have felt looser this week and people have commented on how good I am looking.

So even though the scales don’t show that I have lost much weight this week, overall I have still lost 12lbs and I can feel the difference it is making to me.  And with the increase in exercise, I must be building up my muscles and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat!!

Going into this final week of my ‘official’ programme, I am pushing myself again, aiming to lose at least 2lbs so that I will have lost a stone over the six weeks.  I aim to run further again in each run, add in another swim and be really conscious about what I eat.

I will let you all know next week how I have done!

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