Here are a few comments that I have received from some of my customers!

I’ve just had a fitting with BraLady Cambridge, new sports bra ordered. Highly recommended :)
(I got a lacy red bespoke French number too, but you don’t need to know about that….)

Strongman Fitness


The lovely Emma Launchbury(the bra lady) came over to my house last night for a bra fitting. She had some lovely bras at very reasonable prices. Thank you Emma, it was much nicer than being left in a freezing cold shop changing room whilst some shop assistant goes off around the shop to find you a bra to fit.

Bowen Healing


Definitely the best way I’ve found to buy my bras too.


If you need maternity or nursing bras then I highly recommend contacting Emma- she measured me at home when ‘P’ was tiny and found me some nice, affordable bras that fitted me for the 1st time in 3 children!

Birth Calm


Thank you, for making a possible uncomfortable moment so friendly.

Cakes 2 Party 4


Thank you so much for hosting our pre- class Bra Party today, Emma Launchbury, as Bra Lady Cambridge. So great to know that our mums are so well “supported”! Ha! See what I did there! And next time you will be joining in…! I’ll be putting mine to the test this evening at Nuffield gym x

Buggy Bootcamp


Emma is a considerate and patient fitter.  I was wearing bras that were much too small and I now feel a lot more comfortable.  I always dread going into shops to be fitted, it always feels so impersonal.  I would recommend anybody to have Emma go along to the comfort of their home to make sure you are wearing the correct bra.

A P Virtual Services


Emma thanks for coming to the hospital at such short notice and for the bras. Sorry I did not text sooner but got caught up in the excitement of coming home!


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